Credit Brain Student Loans matches thousands of student loan borrowers with federal programs that are offered by The Department of Education to consolidate and lower their current Federal student loans. We help you take advantage of the latest forgiveness programs put in place by Congress and President Obama and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Working with us, you’ll save time and money by getting your student loan consolidation & enrollment paperwork completed by our team of experienced student loan application processors. Our trained personnel will work with you closely through the entire process. We will help you prepare all the required documents in order to submit your application to The Department of Education for your consolidation & enrollment.

Our goal is to ensure that we help you get enrolled in the best program that will fit your student loan needs. You will receive your official approval over the phone in just minutes.

Financial Profile Analysis

The Department of Education has various programs available to reduce your student loan burden, your eligibility for these programs depend on your debt amount, income and family size. Credit Brain Student Loans works with you to fully understand your financial profile so we can suggest the program that best fits your needs.

Application Processing

We provide end-to-end solution when it comes to getting your application ready for submission to the Department of Education. At Credit Brain Student Loans we are in it with you; we understand that this is an important decision of your life. We take extra care to ensure that you are in control, as we do not process the application till it is reviewed and agreed by you!

Extended Help Along with Consolidation

When you are a part of the consolidation program, we help you change debit dates, defer payments, and evaluate your financial profile for approval in the following years.

Reduction of Principal and Interest

Just qualifying for a program to save your monthly payments is not enough; you need to ensure that you select the correct program. Our goal at Credit Brain Student Loans is target maximum savings for you, eventually reducing your Principal and/or Interest of your student loans.

Complete Money Back Guarantee

In case your application is denied by the Department of Education, we will offer you a full refund of the fee that we charge. The refund guarantee is subject to the information provided by you at the time of filing the application form.