Who We Are

Credit Brain Student Loans’ highly-qualified counselors can help student loan borrowers manage their debt.

We understand the struggles that come with the rising cost of college tuition and we want to help.

Our goal is to ensure that we help you get enrolled in the best program that will fit your student loan needs. You will receive your official approval over the phone in just minutes.

Financial Profile Analysis

Credit Brain Student Loans works with you to fully understand your financial profile so we can suggest the program that best fits your needs.

Application Processing

We take extra care to ensure that you are in control, as we do not process the application till it is reviewed and agreed by you!

Extended Help & Consolidation

When you are a part of the consolidation program, we help you change debit dates, defer payments, and evaluate your financial profile for approval in the following years.

Reduction of Principal and Interest

Just qualifying for a program to save your monthly payments is not enough; you need to ensure that you select the correct program. Our goal at Credit Brain Student Loans is target maximum savings for you, eventually reducing your Principal and/or Interest of your student loans.

Complete Money Back Guarantee

In case your application is denied by the Department of Education, we will offer you a full refund of the fee that we charge. The refund guarantee is subject to the information provided by you at the time of filing the application form.

As Reported On

When I first spoke with David I was a little skeptic about how low my monthly payments could be if I enroll on their student loan program: it was too good to be true. However, as time progressed and I started receiving letters from the consolidation process I realized that it was a reality. I am married and I have a decent salary but there is no way in this world I could’ve afforded $1,800 of monthly payments. David and his team brought my payment to $148 per month. Instead of paying my loan twice over, I will pay about $35,000 back on a quarter million dollar student loan. I know this is definitely a blessing from God but I also know that David and his team was the instrument that facilitated everything. Thank you David for changing our lives!


Carol and I were duly impressed with your knowledge and professionalism. We look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship. Regards,

PaulNew York

Dear Mali,
I called you today. I received the letters from the Department of Education saying congratulations. As stated by David DePaul I have a payment choice of around 130 dollars or 150 some. Until I am able to file my taxes money is very tight!! So I need to start on the lower amount. I am very happy to see this come through. I need to know when it will be safe to file my tax return that I originally discussed with David. I had to file an extension until this was completed so it wouldn’t be taken. Thank you and David so much for helping me get my life back together again.


To Whom it May Concern,
Before I enrolled with Credit brain I had 12 loans with 2 different lenders, totaling $63,912 in student loans. My lenders wanted me to make two payments per month at $582.56 for about 25 years where I would have ended up paying almost $175,000, almost 3 times what I owe! I tried to get help with my lenders, and all they were able to offer me was a lower, interest only payment which felt like it would have been for life. Three months after signing up, the Department of Education paid off my 12 loans in full and gave me one new loan and one affordable consolidated payment of under $50/month. I am only projected to pay back $11,040 and have the rest of my student loan balance forgiven! The firm was also able to help put my unaffordable $582.56/month payments to my lenders on hold for 3 months while I waited for the approval that I just got in the mail! This is projected to save me almost $200,000 in principal and interest. Thank-you for all of your help thus far, I definitely recommend your firm to anyone who has student loans!


My father was at the end of a consolidation loan with Credit Brain when an email was sent to him that was promoting student loan consolidation through federal government programs. He immediately thought of me and forwarded me the email.
I am a single mom with two children. One of my children has severe disabilities and I am not able to work full time as he needs my care. I had also come to the end of any ability to ask for any further deferments or forbearance. I had been granted them before while I was going through chemotherapy, radiation and multiple surgeries to battle breast cancer. I was paying about $300 a month which is an entire weeks pay.
I spoke to David on the phone and I was instantly impressed with how knowledgeable he was with my situation and how to make it better. We worked together very well and the processes was virtually painless. My payments went down to under $30 a month and I could breathe again. He handed my case off to Mali who was just as capable and easy to deal with. I’m looking forward to getting through all of my student loan debt with their guidance.


Thanks so much again! You have made this process MUCH less stressful. I am so happy to have made this change in my loans, it is going to make such a big difference in my finances!


I could not be more grateful to Credit Brain Student Loans for all of their help in consolidating my student loans from law school. Within a couple of months the credit brain team had completed all of my paperwork with the Department of Education and had the entire balance of my $95,000 loans paid off. Besides saving me over one hundred thousand dollars in principal and interest, they were able to secure me a ZERO DOLLAR MONTHLY PAYMENT in a forgiveness countdown. Every person I spoke to was kind and patient as they explained my options and gave me their recommendations. Finally, they have maintained constant contact over the past several months updating me on my case and answering my questions. I would recommend them to anyone.


I wanted to say thank-you to Mali and David for all of their help with my student loan debt. Not only did they get my federal loans from $500/month down to $0.00/month and on track to have my balance of $50,000 forgiven, but they are also helping me refinance my $80,000 in private student loans which is my main concern. Now I pay $0.00 on my federal and will have a much lower refinanced payment on my private loans with an end in sight. David was also able to help freeze my federal and private loan payments during this process which really helped as well. This has been a huge weight off of my shoulders and I have been incredibly happy since this firm have taken control of my student loans.


I had 4 different loans consolidated with Sallie Mae. They totaled roughly $20,000. Sallie Mae wanted me to make a monthly payment I could barely afford. I tried to talk to them about getting a lower payment and all I could get was a forbearance once every 3 months. A couple of months after I signed up with Credit Brain Student Loans the Department of Education paid off my 4 loans in full and gave me a new and VERY affordable payment of $0/month After a scheduled amount of payments, the amount of my student loans will be 100% completely forgiven. Thank you Credit Brain for all your help and understanding. I will definitely recommend your firm to anyone with student loan debt!


Thanks so much!! So happy to have this settled. I will set up direct payments today.
You guys have been wonderful. This is a great service!